Dear Teen Drivers and Parents,

We hope you're as excited about getting behind the wheel as we are to assist you in becoming a confident, responsible driver. At Kekus Driving Academy, we understand that gaining real-world experience is crucial for your success, which is why we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to schedule your Behind-the-Wheel Driving Session.

Important Reminder: Before scheduling your session, it's essential that you've completed your required 50 hours of driving practice. Our sessions are designed to help you fine-tune your skills and gain valuable experience, but they are not driving lessons. You must already be familiar with operating a vehicle to get the most out of this practice.

What to Expect During Your Driving Session:

  1. Real Live Test Route Practice: Our instructors will guide you through a real test route, simulating the conditions and challenges you might encounter during your road test. This experience will help you become better prepared for the actual road test.

  2. Feedback and Tips: You'll receive feedback and valuable tips from our experienced instructors to improve your driving skills and boost your confidence on the road.

  3. Traffic Scenarios: We'll cover various traffic scenarios, parking techniques, and safe driving practices, ensuring you're ready for any situation.

How to Schedule Your Session:

  1. Click the "I AGREE AND ACKNOWLEDGE" button at the bottom of this page.

  2. Select the location that you have scheduled to take your road test at.

  3. Select a convenient date and time slot for your session.

  4. Complete the booking process.

    1. You must schedule and complete three 2-hour sessions to meet the requirement.

    2. Please be considerate and courteous to all students. DO NOT schedule 4 or more sessions to hold dates and times due to uncertainty in your schedule. We will cancel all your scheduled sessions if you do so.

    3. If something arises in your schedule and you need to cancel, modify, or reschedule, please do so in the Apointlet app. You will receive a confirmation email with the option to do so for each scheduled session.

  5. Be sure to bring your valid learner's permit to each session.

Please note: In case of illness, if a student cannot attend a scheduled session, a doctor's note is required to reschedule the session. All hours or sessions purchased or scheduled must be utilized within one year from the date of purchase or scheduling. This is to ensure the effective use of our services and to provide timely training to all students.

Please remember that safety is our top priority, so we kindly ask you to abide by all traffic laws and safety regulations during your session.

By participating in our Behind-the-Wheel Driving Session, you're taking a significant step towards becoming a confident and skilled driver. We're here to support you every mile of the way.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our team or call us at 808-729-8415.

Safe driving and best of luck with your upcoming road test!


The Kekus Driving Academy Team